Rebecca Berman

Rebecca Berman is a choreographer, instructor, and founding member of the Flower City Follies, and enjoys showcasing jazz dance as part of this all-ladies troupe. She teaches Lindy Hop and jazz dance in Rochester, NY with Groove Juice Swing, where she also acts as publicist and communications specialist. She enjoys the whole process of event coordination, from creating a unique vision to seeing the plans come to life. She teaches Cardio Charleston regularly in Rochester and had the pleasure of sharing it at Stompology and Swing Out New Hampshire. You can also catch her DJing swinging tunes whenever possible.


Rebecca adores traveling to learn, perform, teach, compete, and dance her heart out. Being a musician as long as she can remember, the sounds and rhythms of jazz move her. She loves a great dance with laughs and playful movement, a connection from the heart, and just fooling around on the dance floor because the music said to. In classes she strives to empower followers while fostering creativity, expression, and the improvisational link between Lindy Hop and jazz. She aims to share her enthusiasm and love of this dance whenever she teaches. 

Doriel Pryntz-Nadworny

Doriel Pryntz-Nadworny has been a mover all his life. His background in performing, gymnastics, acrobatics, and martial arts strongly influence his movement style, and he is especially drawn to Lindy Hop for its athleticism, playfulness, and partnership aspects. He enjoys traveling internationally for workshops and camps, such as the International Lindy Hop Championships, where he placed second in the Junior Division in 2012. His recent travels to Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden inspired a strong connection to the Harlem roots of Lindy Hop, which shows in his classes when he places importance on rhythm, partnership, and personal freedom in the dance. He is thrilled to be teaching with Groove Juice Swing and sharing his passion with others.



In Rochester, NY

Learning by day and Lindy Hopping by night, Rebecca and Doriel enjoy frequenting the South Wedge neighborhood to hit the dance floor, stroll through the lilacs, pick up fresh veggies from the farmer's market, or to drop into handstands at the corner yoga studio. Doriel is a barber in the South Wedge at Baumann's Barbershop, and Rebecca will be completing her research on solar energy with a Ph.D. in Optics at University of Rochester later this year.

Globetrotting the World

Doriel & Rebecca’s roots lie in Rochester, NY where they organize, teach, and perform at Groove Juice Swing events, such as Stompology, Slow Dance Soiree, Dream of You: A Stage Show, and local Lindy Hop workshops. They frequent Northeast Lindy Hop events and enjoy sharing the dance floor with such a vibrant scene. They have taught Cardio Charleston and Lindy Hop lessons at Stompology, Swing Out New Hampshire, Herrang Dance Camp, Dirty Dozen Weekend, and many University swing dance clubs in Western New York. They have competed and placed at swing dance events such as Montreal Swing Riot, ULHS, O-Town Showdown, Swing-A-Dance, Lindy Focus, and ILHC, and have presented performances on stage at the Eastman Kodak Theatre and the German House Auditorium in Rochester, NY as well as at Herrang Dance Camp, Lindy Focus, and more. Their repertoire consists of Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz, and Tap, together with an enthusiastic presence, a passionate interest in the Jazz Era, and an entertaining dose of acrobatics.

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