2017 Swing Dance Music Roundup

Yes, this post is a little bit late... now that it's 2018. But have you noticed all the good jazz released this past year? On this frigid winter day, I'm here listening to hot jazz, rounding up a list of 2017 album releases from current jazz bands so you can get your hands on their music, too.

Let me know if you have recommendations to add to the list!

1. Brooks Prumo Orchestra: Pass The Bounce

Favorite Track: Benny's Bugle

That sax tone is so clear! And it's perfectly supported by quite the big band ensemble. I find myself scatting along by the end of the track!

2. Candy Jacket Jazz Band

Favorite Track: Relume the Riff

The sparse instrumentation lets you really hear each soloist. They're all gems! Check out that muted trumpet! And Josh Collazo sits right in the pocket making it swing in this laid back, groovy, perfect way. I love it when this tune goes round and round in my head.

3. Gordon Webster: THIS and THAT (actually 2 albums! THAT is released track by track on a monthly basis)

Favorite Track: Charlie's Prelude

It's as if the trumpet soars through the sky, the piano dips his toes into a serene lake, and the rhythm section pulls you towards a magical forest. Maybe I picture it this way because I envision this band on the dance floor in the cabins at SONH :) Just gorgeous.

4. Hot Sugar Band: Wondering Where

Favorite Track: The Grabtown Grapple

Sneaky, winding, wobbly, & clear. Love the accents. Makes my motion interesting and less predictable!

5. Jonathan Stout & His Campus 5: Spreadin' Rhythm Around

Favorite Track: Honeysuckle Rose

Maybe I love it because it's a-la-Basie! And a jazz standard. But really, this band makes it swing!

6. Michael Gamble & The Rhythm Serenaders: Get Rhythm In Your Feet

Favorite Track: Nappin' John

I have a weakness for songs in minor. And the catchy riffs and counterpoint just keep me wanting more!

7. Moonshine Rhythm Club: Spirits of Rhythm 1, 2, & 3

Favorite Track: Song D'Automne

Listen to this tune in a cafe and let the singing clarinet and wandering guitar take you away to the French countryside.

While you can find many of these artists and albums on Spotify, I highly encourage you to support their music by owning your own copy. Their albums are all available for download from their websites and I've linked to many above. Enjoy!

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